Ecstatic Dance is a shamanic journey of sound and movement for healing, celebration and communion. It takes place in an inspirational temple-like place with dance sessions of 2 to 3 hours and it offers full range, club quality sound with sub speakers. Ecstatic Dance is mixed by DJs who seemlessly craft a transformational journey with new music from many genres, inlcuding all emotions and tempos. Unlike the club culture, the DJ is not the superstar. She/he is just a facilitator of the session. All the focus in the Estatic Dance is between you and the music. For the same reason Ecstatic Dance is drug and alcohol free, and with a conversation free dancefloor.
Ecstatic Dance Lanzarote is inspired by a similar experience held in Big Island, Hawaii. Ecstatic Dance Big Island began on the Dance Floors of Kalani, Puna, Big Island In the year 2000, Bodhitara was dancing religiously on Sunday Mornings, making fresh mix tapes each and every week…  As music technology advanced, and new sounds continued to evolve,
 it was Max Fathom who brought dance to the next level at Kalani.   
But on his way to Hawaii,  he fell in love with new electronic music blossoming in the west coast festival scene. The music induced states of being experienced at Burning Man made a lasting impression…  He blended the two worlds  of Conscious Dance & DJ Culture and The Big Island of Hawaii at Kalani was the perfect place for this Community to take Root. Dancers went to all new Heights of Embodied Expression.