I’m the founder and managing director of the Ecstatic Dance experience in Lanzarote. DJ & Producer since 1986 in the Italian underground black music scene. I’ve collaborated with dozens of artists and directors and I’ve published a fair number of House and Electronic productions. My studies includes Sound Engineering, a graduation in Swedish, English and Multimedia Production.

I have a +20 year history in the field of personal growth and I’m an active researcher in the medicine of the soul.

Being the resident DJ, I always try to involve at least one or two musicians in each session to integrate their sounds with my music, so I am always looking for artists to exchange experiences. Please fill the form on the bottom of this page if you want to collaborate.

My aim is to facilitate people on the dance floor to reach an energetic state that helps them meet their inner self.

Pinta Colibrí

Pinta Colibrí is a couple of expressive and creative therapists who support the space in a clear and welcoming way. Ancient Wisdom Learners, Shamanism students and Amazonian master plant walkers.

Conscious artisans build powerful ethnic musical instruments, combining the subtlety of the elements of nature with the felt labor, they use the sounds and its vibration to create harmony in the physical, emotional and spiritual body.

Currently they collaborate as therapists in various therapy centers and carry out individual accompaniment sessions through massage and conscious touch combined with sound healing.

Lui Sa

My name is Luisa, born in Lanzarote  – ‘conejera’ as we say here – with finnish roots and citizen of the world in my heart!

When I was 12, I began my journey in Yoga. I finished my studies at 20 as a Superior Technician in Physical-Sports Activities Animation and at 23 I started to travel and fell in love with nomadic life.

It was at that time that I discovered the Ecstatic Dance on a canadian island called Saltspring Island. I loved everything about this dynamic and since then I have practiced it in different places where I have lived as Santa Cruz, CA and Berlin, GER.

Now, after 4 years I am back on my island and it is a great honor for me to be part of this movement on earth that saw me born! To be able to transmit and share with my people the benefits of this activity

I want to collaborate with you!